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into the middle of things…

As of today, I have lost 20 pounds in 30 days.

I would have been glad to start writing a blog at the beginning, but the diet didn’t begin as a diet. I have done diets. They worked until they didn’t. I decided to change my life. What if that didn’t work out? No point in blogging about failures. You are reading this because it is working.

Lets start with food, after all food is the first and last pleasure in life. Food has been mostly juice this last month.

Today begins with grapefruit juice. Always loved the taste of it. Juicing two grapefruits is an easy habit to begin, personally its an emotional leftover of the Scarsdale diet days of a decade ago, The problem with the Scarsdale diet was that it just created a cycle of lost weight and then gained back. Lesson learned, if I wanted to change, I have to change for life and what can I start and stay with for the rest of my life?

The other problem in my life was insomnia. Friends, Jeff and Joey had found a service that sent juice to their doorstep. They emptied the fridge and lived on juice only for ten days. They lost five pounds. Loved that weight loss and so they bought a Breville Juicer and kept it up. It was tough to not eat, chewing and savoring the flavors, but they said they were sleeping better. Sleep? My insomnia has been so bad these past two months, if I dream, I dream about sleeping. Juicing has been magical for slumber. No restless leg, no late night movies till dawn, no staring at the ceiling. Sleep not sheep. Restfully sleep. I have found sleep thru raw foods and I can’t believe how great it is to go bed and wake up fully rested. Some people say juice has given them more energy. I can’t say that I see that as much as I have deeper and uninterrupted sleep and better dreams no doubt.